Injector Orifice Plate Promotion On Heavy Snow

Injector Orifice Plate Promotion On Heavy Snow



Today is 2023/12/7, which is one of the 24 solar terms in China. As its name suggests, it snows heavily in the north on the day of heavy snowfall, and during the heavy snow season, people from all over the country are more likely to enjoy the snow in the ice and snow. People also make snowmen, ice skating, skiing and snowball rolling, which are all popular outdoor activities for young people.


The arrival of the heavy snow season also gives an opportunity to promote products. This time, we have prepared G2 and G3 Injector orifice plate promotions for you, bringing a touch of warmth to everyone in the cold winter, and also adding a joy to the ordinary and simple heavy snow solar terms, so let’s take a look at the basic situation of this promotional product.


Diesel Injector Orifice Plate Application Information

It is important to choose the correct type of Injector orifice plate for your vehicle, they are both applicable for completely different Injector, and when you buy Injector orifice plate , you can check the following information:

Type G3 Diesel Injector orifice plate
Part Number 509#
Size 2cm*2 cm *1 cm
Weight 0.015 kg
Warranty 6-12 months
Delivery Time 3-7 Working days after payment
Applicable For 295050-1980 Injector orifice plate


In addition to the above basic information, there are more details, which can be read carefully by clicking on the following links:



Product Technical Files:



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