Performance Test


Performance Testing

The performance testing of injector orifice plate includes electrical characteristics, accuracy, the tolerance of high temperature, low temperature, pressure as well as leakage, durability and others working conditions testing. These conditions of each injector orifice plate will be tested before our injector orifice plates are sent to customers.

Above are the tests needed to be done after the injector orifice plates are finished producing. However, regular checking also very important to keep the injector orifice plate perform well.

In order to make sure the injector orifice plate works normally, there are some parts of injector orifice plate needed to be checked regularly and before installing to injector.

① Check whether there is deformation, cracking, thread damage, quenching, leakage and rust in the guide sleeve, spring, gasket and tight cap of the orifice plate. The tight cap of the orifice plate must be replaced after being disassembled for more than 5 times, as shown in the following.

② Replace the tight cap of the orifice plate and the copper gasket of the injector orifice plate

③ Check whether the gap between the orifice plate needle and the orifice plate shell is within the standard range and whether it reaches the standard for use

④All parts should be examined for wear under a microscope at least 20 times larger

⑤ orifice plate tight cap deformation, cracking, thread damage, quenching, leakage, will lead to black smoke vehicle cap, fuel injector damage.

⑥Injector opening pressure greater than or less than the specified range may cause injector damage.

⑦ Failure to replace wearing parts in time during maintenance may lead to fuel injector damage.

These are some precautions you need to know to maintain an injector orifice plate. If there are more questions about injector orifice plates and other diesel problems, you are welcomed to contact us, will do the best to help you solve your problems.