Package Specification

To a well working diesel engine, a good injector orifice plate makes very big difference. Apart from the quality control of a orifice plate during the production makes good injector orifice plate, the protection of a finished orifice plate is very important.


In order to make injector orifice plate to work for long time, the materials to be chose are iron and stainless steel. After the multiple processes to complete an injector orifice plate, it must be oiled on the surface to protect it from being rusted and being wrapped up by oil paper after being oiled.


However, to ensure the safety of injector orifice plate in storage, transportation and sales, a simple packing bag is not enough, so a good package is needed to protect it from being damaged. chooses plastic tube and special box to pack each injector orifice plate, which can well protect our orifice plates during transportation.


As to injector orifice plate package, support customized. Please check on package customized conditions details by clicking

The following are the injector orifice plate’s packages specifications:

Common Rail Diesel Injection orifice plate’s Packing Tube: