507# Injector Orifice Plate Promotion On Children’s Day

507# Injector Orifice Plate Promotion On Children’s Day

Children’s Day, also known as “International Children’s Day”, is held on June 1 every year. It is a holiday for children all over the world.

At the International Conference on Child Welfare held in Geneva, Switzerland, in August 1925, the concept of “International Children’s Day” was first proposed.

At this conference, representatives of 54 countries who cared about children gathered in Geneva, Switzerland to hold the “International Conference on Children’s Happiness” and adopted the “Geneva Declaration on the Protection of Children”. In the declaration, there were heated discussions on children’s spiritual enjoyment, relief for poor children, avoidance of dangerous work for children, access to children’s livelihood opportunities, and how to rescue children.

Since this conference, on the one hand, in order to encourage children and make them feel happy and happy, on the other hand, in order to attract social attention and love, governments of various countries have successively stipulated “Children’s Day”.

This year, dieselorificeplate.com will is giving the promotion of dieselorificeplate.com to people during the Children’s Day let’s learn about some information of 507# injector orifice plate .



507# Injector Orifice Plate Application Information

It is important to choose the correct type of Injector Orifice Plate for your Injector Orifice Plate, they are both applicable for completely different Injector Orifice Plates, and when you buy Injector Orifice Plate s, we believe the following information on the Injector Orifice Plates they are applicable for will help you.

Type G3 Series Injector Orifice Plate
Part Number 507#
Application  295050-0180
507# Injector Orifice Plate Size 2cm*2cm*1cm
507# Injector Orifice Plate Net Weight 0.015kg
SKU G1L320000507DZ






Above are basic information for 507# Injector Orifice Plate , if you are interested in more details of 507#, please check:

507# Technical File: https://www.dieselorificeplate.com/product/diesel-507-injector-orifice-plate/

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 How To Buy 507# Injector Orifice Plate

On dieselorificeplate.com, customers only need 4 steps to purchase 507# injector orifice plate .

Contact us and fill in your contact information.

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After customers receive 507# injector orifice plate within 15 days , customer can choose to replace it or repair it if there is a performance failure with conditions of no appearance damage on the surface.

And dieselorificeplate.com provide 6-12 months warranty for 507# injector orifice plate .