Xi Jinping attended the “Shanghai Cooperation Organization+” Astana Summit

Xi Jinping attended the “Shanghai Cooperation Organization+” Astana Summit

02# Injector Orifice Plate Celebrate Xi Jinping attended the “Shanghai Cooperation Organization+” Astana Summit




Xi Jinping attended the “Shanghai Cooperation Organization+” Astana Summit. On the afternoon of July 4, local time, President Xi Jinping attended the “Shanghai Cooperation Organization+” Astana Summit in Astana and delivered an important speech entitled “Working Together to Build a Better Home of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization”

Xi Jinping pointed out that for the first time, we held a summit in the form of “Shanghai Cooperation Organization+”. Good friends and new partners gathered together to discuss plans, which shows that under the conditions of the new era, the concept of the organization is widely welcomed, and the members of the member states have friends all over the world.


Currently, changes in the world, the times, and history are unfolding in an unprecedented way. While human civilization is making great strides, insecurities, instability, and uncertainties have also increased significantly. To cope with this changing situation, the key is to have the wisdom to recognize changes, adapt to changes, and have the courage to change. We must firmly establish a sense of community with a shared future, always uphold the “Shanghai Spirit”, unswervingly follow a development path that suits our country’s national conditions and the reality of the region, and jointly build a better home for the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.


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Type G2 Series Injector Orifice Plate
Part Number 02#
Application 23670-E0320
02# Injector Orifice Plate Size 2cm*2cm*1cm
02# Injector Orifice Plate Net Weight 0.015kg
SKU G1L320000000002




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