Type Common Rail Injector Orifice Plate
Part Number 02#
OE No. /
Application For Injector


Quality China made new
SKU G1L320000000002



Size 2cm*2 cm *1 cm
Weight 0.015kg


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01301. 095000-0130 Injector Orifice Plate 02# Basic Information

Title Common Rail Orifice Plate 02# for 095000-0130 fuel Injector   Product Quality
SKU1 G1L320000000002 China made new
SKU2 G1F12950400200 China made new
SKU3 G1N12950400200 China made new

2. 095000-0130 Injector Orifice Plate 02# Common Part Number

  • 095000-0130 Injector Orifice Plate 02#Application to Car Model Information
Injector Part Number   Car Model  OE Number OE Number
095000-0130 HINO K13C HINO 700S  12.9d 23910-1040
  • 095000-0130 Injector Orifice Plate 02#Part Number Common Writing


3. 095000-0130 Injector Orifice Plate 02# Specifications and Dimensions

Injector Orifice Plates Size:2cm*2 cm *1 cm

Injector Orifice Plates Box Size: 7cm *7 cm *2 cm

Injector Orifice Plates Package Size:  8 cm * 8cm

Injector Orifice Plates Net Weight:0.015kg

Injector Orifice Plates Gross Weight:0.03kg

Injector Orifice Plates Quality:China Made Brand New

MOQ:4 Pieces

4. 095000-0130 Injector Orifice Plate 02# Customized Service

  • 095000-0130 Injector Orifice Plate 02#Customized Service Range:

The customization amount of orifice plate 02# must meet the OEM manufacturers customized demands of orifice plate’s lettering, orifice plate’s thickness, orifice plate’s packing box, orifice plate’s anti-rust bag and label etc,.

  • 095000-0130 Injector Orifice Plate 02#Customized Service Requirements

▲ Custom lettering of injector orifice plate are not less than 100 pieces.

▲ Custom packing boxes of injector orifice plate are not less than 100 pieces.

▲ The purchase of injector orifice plates are not less than 100 pieces.

▲ When customized products involve the need of specific logo, the OEM manufacturer has to provide trademark authorization and the sample of logo image file.

Once the customized 095000-0130 injector orifice plate 02# is sold, it cannot be returned or exchanged if there is no quality problems.

5. 095000-0130 Injector Orifice Plate 02# Thickness Measurement Tools Introduction

  • Electronic Vernier Caliper
  •  Technical Parameters
  1. Made of stainless steel.
  2. Resolution: 0.01mm/0.001.
  3. Can set on zero at any location.
  • Electronic Digital Display Micrometer
  •  Technical Parameters
  1. Range: 0-25mm,25-50mm,50-75mm,75-100mm
  2. Resolution: 001mm
  3. Power: Voltage 1.5V button battery
  4. Working Temperature: 0∽+40℃
  5. Storage Temperature: -20∽+70℃
  6. Environment Humidity: ≤80%

6. 095000-0130 Injector Orifice Plate 02# Thickness Measurement Methods

  • Electronic Vernier Caliper

Notice: When using the electronic vernier caliper, be sure to return on zero port, otherwise there will be a large error in the measurement results!

  • Electronic Digital Display Micrometer

7. 095000-0130 Injector Orifice Plate 02# Quality Control

(1)095000-0130 Injector Orifice Plate 02# Testing

All 095000-0130 injector orifice plate 02# parts are subjected to A-hole flow test, Z-hole flow test, precision test, high temperature test, low temperature test, pressure test, leakage test, durability test, and various working condition tests.

(2)095000-0130 Injector Orifice Plate 02#  Inspection

The factory inspection of 095000-0130 injector orifice plate 02# is undergone three inspections – full inspection, random inspection, and batch inspection. Different brands of test benches are used to test 095000-0130 injector orifice plate 02# for a total of no less than three times for factory inspection, and 095000-0130 injector orifice plate 02# installation testing environment are progressed in dust-free workshop.

8. 095000-0130 Injector Orifice Plate 02# Warranty Instructions

(1). 095000-0130 Injector Orifice Plate 02# Warranty Conditions and Instructions

▲  It is necessary to provide the pictures, videos of 095000-0130 injector orifice plate 02# when the injector orifice plate is abnormal during use or the test report of 095000-0130 injector orifice plate 02# inspection equipment as evidence to feedback to the salesman.

▲  Abnormal conditions are properly explained such as:1.Black smoke, 2. Engine shake, 3. Difficulty starting the engine, 4. Engine noise, 5. Oil leakage etc.

▲  The above conditions may also be affected by incorrect installation of the fuel injector. If it is confirmed that it is product problem after being tested by our company,  the injector orifice plate is within the scope of warranty.


(2). 095000-0130 Injector Orifice Plate 02# Warranty Coverage

▲  After customer receives the 095000-0130 injector orifice plate 02# within 15 days , customer can choose to replace it if there is a performance failure and the product has no appearance damage;

▲  If the 095000-0130 injector orifice plate 02# has performance problems during the warranty period (3 months), and it is confirmed to be product’s problems after being tested, you can contact our salesmen to replace the same model or a reworked product with the same performance for free;

If the injector orifice plate is confirmed to be fault-free, it can only be repaired and it will be returned as original way.

3). 095000-0130 Injector Orifice Plate 02# Out of Warranty Coverage

▲ The 095000-0130 injector orifice plate 02# is artificially damaged due to assembly errors during the process of assembling.

▲  The warranty period has expired.

▲  095000-0130 injector orifice plate 02# failure caused by high temperature, high pressure, humidity, rain and snow, saline-alkali land, earthquake, and used in abnormal environment.

▲ 095000-0130 injector orifice plate 02# damage caused by man-made reasons (throwing, strong magnetic field magnetization, set fire).

▲  095000-0130 injector orifice plate 02# failure or injector damage caused by non-injector orifice plate’s design, technology, manufacturing, quality and other issues.

▲ I095000-0130 injector orifice plate 02# failure due to system pressure exceeding system approved pressure.

▲ 095000-0130 injector orifice plate 02# failure caused by impurities (water, lead, aluminum powder, iron powder, sulfide) in the system fuel exceeding the standard requirements.

▲ 095000-0130 injector orifice plate 02# failure caused by not installing according to the tightening torque specified in the vehicle engine maintenance manual (the tightening torque is too large or too small).

▲ 095000-0130 injector orifice plate 02# failure caused by not following the installation angle specified in the vehicle engine maintenance manual.

▲ 095000-0130 injector orifice plate 02# failure caused by not following the cleaning requirements specified in the vehicle engine maintenance manual.

▲ 095000-0130 injector orifice plate 02# failure caused by failure to replace consumable parts as specified in the vehicle engine maintenance manual.

9. 095000-0130 Injector Orifice Plate 02# Installation Steps

For further information of orifice plate 02# installation steps, please check on “02# Orifice Plate for 095000-0130 Injector Technical Data” 2.4. 095000-0130 Injector Orifice Plate 02# Installation Steps


10. 095000-0130 Injector Orifice Plate 02# Purchase Payment Methods

Payment methods:T/T, PayPal, Alipay, WeChat

11. 095000-0130 Injector Orifice Plate 02# Shipping Ways

Destination in China areas: SF Express, Debon Express, the corresponding logistics company can be provided according to customer requirements in special cases.

Destinations out of China’s areas DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT air, ocean or other shipping methods required by customers.

12. 095000-0130 Injector Orifice Plate 02# Packing


Packaging Specifications
Domestic express packaging

Wrapped with Transparent tape

International express packaging

Wrapped with yellow tape after wrapping with black protective film

Pallet ShippingUse pallet that meet export requirements, and use white wrapping protective film to wrap and bind with cable ties